M One Entertainment

The show must go on……

Entertaining our guests of all ages is one of our major goals, therefore, our team is tirelessly active around the guests day and night.

You can simply enjoy the music and club by dancing or join in and have fun with our team. In the evening everyone gathers together at the hotel club for Showtime evenings, interactive games, musical, karaoke, DJ music and parties.

111 Club is a lobby bar and club like no other, refreshed to bring a more modest and elegant ambiance while maintaining its iconic center bar. The improvements consist of three major elements: the stage, bar area, and new giant LED screens. All surrounded by M One Hotel Batam memorabilia, it is a feast for the senses!


Harbour Bay Down Town, Jl. Duyung, Sungai Jodoh,
Batu Ampar 29453
Tel. No.: +62 778 741 5151
Email: reservation@m-onehotelbatam.com

M One Hotel Batam, Harbour Bay Down Town, Jl. Duyung, Sungai Jodoh